Technical description



Study of grounds

Foundations :
Reinforced concrete, between 45 and 60cm wide, depending whether single or double-storey model is chosen and according to study of the ground and the nature of the ground.

Under-floor Ventilation Space :
Average height 60cm, made of  hollow bricks - 20cm thick, French Manufacturing Standards.

Thickness from 20 cms to 27 cms following the type of house.

Floor / Ground Floor :
With floor of ceramic Limoux girder and reinforced concrete. Hourdis ceramic or polystyrene strong thickness.

Walls :
Made of hollow bricks, 20cm thick, French Manufacturing Standards, norme NF (B40) Or NEW: scrub typical MONOMUR from 30 to 37 cms in thickness porotherm BIOMUR of STURM.

Incorporating reinforced concrete (beams,  lintels, stiffeners, corners, wall in accordance with earthquake-resistance study.

Roof Structure :
Roof trusses laid a maximum of 60cm apart. Or traditional massif roof, round or oblong beams following variant. Ridge, aged terracotta tiles. A row of decorative tiles. Ridgepole with individual fixings.

Also possible with visible, traditional solid wood with two rows of decorative tiles.

Exterior Woodwork :
Wood or PVC, double glazing (4-16-4), “Acotherm”
insulated front door with  multi-lever  lock.  32mm
thick wooden shutters, sealed with chemical resin.
Metal defence bars on some openings.
Massive frame in white coloured reinforced concrete.

Possibility variant with block COMPOBAIE contemporary white, curved lintel, and framing and white thickness.

Interior Woodwork :
Factory made door and frames with choice of straight or arched panelling.
Patina metal style handles.
It is Possible to order solid wood doors.






Lining / Insulation / Partitions :
Numerous variations available made of plasterboard and lathe or traditional construction.

Plumbing / Sanitations :
Hot and cold water system in “P.E.R.” sheathed pipes,  laid under the tiling, from an indoor stopcock. Sanitary appliances available in both white and colour - 1 stoneware sink, 1 draining rack, 1 acrylic bath, 1built in or free standing  wash basin, depending on choice, 1 WC, 1 cumulus 300 L (Vivrelec standards), chrome-plated plumbing fixtures and mixer tap. Washing machine and dishwasher connections, 1 cold water tap in the garage, 1 outdoor tap.

Electricity :
Electric circuits are in accordance with the “Consuel” standards in force and the Vivrelec Label if electric heating with convectors.



Heating :

Electric Heating :
 Convector heaters with thermostats. “Excelence”Label (Vivrélec).Number and power depending on the volume to be heated. Studied by B.E.T.

Gas heating :
Climalin: the comfort simply
Climadou: a demanding comfort.
Climatop: the best of the comfort.
Installation by fitter approves gas of France.

Fuel heating :
Boiler on the ground with conduit or suction cup.
Radiators cast iron - alu or by ground low temperature with traffic ofwater.


Label Vivrelec



Tiling :
Top quality choice of class 4 or 5 tiles or stoneware tiles throughout the house as well as in cupboards and with matching skirting boards. Price from 12m² depending on choice and variant. There are a large selection of tiles in our showroom.








Finish :
Rendered coating with a textured finish. Specific finish on all frames.
Choice of colours can be seen in our showroom.

Garage :
Foundations and  construction  are the  same as the house. Traditional roof structure, with wood cladding. Reinforced concrete foundation slab on hard core base

Canopy :
Traditional roof structure laid on rounded wooden beams  or concrete formers as specified, panelled finish.

Earthquake-Resistance Standards :
All constructions constructed in zones 1A and 2B will be constructed in accordance with rules P-S M89/92.



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